Virtual Church

Virtual Church?

Yep, that’s right.

Although we strongly encourage everyone to attend their local Christian house of worship, we are also big fans of reality and realize that sometimes that’s simply impossible:

Maybe you’re recuperating after emergency surgery.
Or you’re wrangling with the flu.
Or you’re recovering from a major accident.
Or, maybe you’ve even found yourself in prison (yikes!)

Whatever the case may be, the point is that you won’t be able to go to a regular church service when life throws a wrench in the works.

This is where Virtual Church comes in.

Virtual Church is exactly what it sounds like: Worship and praise services that you can either listen to or view online, the radio, or television. Our sister site, , offers listings and links for virtual church events in various areas of the United States.

If your area isn’t covered in, its simple to find your own:
All you do is Google your city and state for churches, and follow the links on the church websites that you find. For example, if you live in Canandaigua, New York, you simple use the search terms: Canandaigua, NY, Churches. Google will immediately show you page after page of church listings in the Canandaigua area. Many of these listings will have links directly to the church websites. Click on the church website link you’re interested in and see if the site offers links for radio, television, or internet programs. For example, one of the first page listings for Canandaigua, New York is the United Church, with its link at . Click that link to access it’s website, and you will see a link towards the top that simply says “media” and it will take you to a menu of sermons archived according to date. Very simple! (and I might add with some bias, Pastor Kerr is a gifted speaker!)

Of course, Google isn’t limited to just the United States, and so you can live anywhere worldwide and perform similar searches to meet your worship needs when you’re physically unable to attend a church service.

So don’t feel left out because something happened that prevents you from attending a church service. Simply hop on the search engine and get there virtually! This is especially important in time of trial (such as sickness, accidents, and incarceration), as you don’t want to lose your Christian focus.

God Bless!


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