Abortion’s Deeper Echoes

Few topics are as controversial or divisive as Abortion. And of course, we all know both sides of the Battle Line:

Pro-Life: All pregnancies are precious to God and must be preserved as far as possible!

Pro-Choice: All pregnancies are solely the woman’s private decision; her body, her choice.

And it isn’t just the “Lifers” and “Choicers”; we also have the added bonus of certain governments whose laws demand only one child per family (such as China), or who culturally spurn females (such as China, India, Pakistan, and Taiwan). Such situations create extreme pressure for mothers to abort additional, or female, babies. In these cases, male children tend to be the preferred gender because males are generally viewed as being the primary wage earners and are thus more valuable than the females. It is also culturally accepted in many cases that a male be the family heir. On top of this, in many societies females are expensive due to the dowry requirements for marriage, further influencing parents to select for male babies. In the case of China, there are laws on the books which ban health care providers from disclosing the gender of unborn babies in an effort to prevent gender-selective abortions. However, studies have shown that these laws are usually ignored by health care providers anyway, contributing to the impending crisis. With the modern technology of sonograms, parents who are limited to only one child by Chinese law can choose whether to keep a female or discard it in favor of trying for a male. In the case of other countries who simply prefer male children, such gender-selective abortions add to this issue.

The end result is very predictable: Studies have shown that the male-to-female ratio of populations in such areas is gradually becoming a male- dominant. This, in turn, results in men having a more difficult time finding their marriage mates because, well, the women are missing from the pool of potential mates. If a society does not have a healthy stream of male-to-female pairings the population will eventually dwindle down to nothing due to the lack of available procreation.

This is NOT what God had in mind when He commissioned mankind to “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth…” (Genesis 2:28, 9:1). (LEB)

But the causes of abortion aren’t limited to law and culture, and the repercussions of abortion aren’t limited to population imbalances.

In other countries, abortion is a completely voluntary procedure via the free will of the pregnant woman. In these countries there are no laws restricting family size, nor is there a pervading culture of male preference; therefore, legal and cultural pressure isn’t normally the issue. Instead, there are other issues involved: Perhaps the woman doesn’t feel she is financially able to care for a baby. Or she isn’t emotionally ready for it. Or it’s inconvenient (such as interfering with one’s career or education). Or she doesn’t want to be a single parent. Or perhaps other people in her life pressure her to do it. And in these countries, choice of abortion isn’t usually selective of gender, therefore abortion is an “equal opportunity” procedure, meaning it is unlikely that a gender imbalance will occur in such countries.

Imagine the entire population of New York City wiped out, five times over, each year. Each year. That’s a total of over 40 MILLION citizens exterminated. And that is the total of abortions performed every year world wide. With over forty million each year being exterminated, that is more than the entire population of the United States gone every decade! Think of that: The entire population of the United States, missing, in just ten years. Think of how many brilliant minds who would have made important scientific breakthroughs are missing. How many exceptional doctors who could have cured tough diseases are missing. How many brave rescue workers who could’ve saved more lives are missing. Out of those 40 million annual exterminations, innumerable examples of intelligence, fortitude, and bravery are snuffed out, depriving the living people of the gifts they could have given to the world.

And of those forty million potential “gifts” that are aborted each year, we cannot get a single one of them back.

And of course, the Pro-Choicers are still loathe to hinder a woman from choosing abortion. Since one cannot actually prove that a particular child will grow up to be a great scientist or doctor or whatever, they believe it is suitable for a woman to choose abortion to suit her own wishes, world improvement be damned! Are there no exceptions to this? For example, what if a woman is impregnated by rape — shouldn’t that be a valid reason for abortion? As a woman, I still have to say NO. By the time a woman realizes she’s pregnant the baby already has a brain and a heartbeat, and it can feel pain. It is already a secondary human victim to the rape crime, and exterminating a victim does not undo the damage — in fact, studies have shown that abortions stemming from rape actually increase the woman’s physical and emotional trauma. It’s truly an ugly situation. Women who were brave enough to give birth to these babies actually fared better, even though in many cases they gave the babies up for adoption.

What many Pro-Choicers don’t know is that the abortion providers are not really interested in a woman having a choice, they are more interested in procuring human fetuses for profit. You read that right: Women’s fetuses are cash cows for these institutions. Although it is illegal in the United States for abortion providers to sell fetus parts to research companies, the providers can require a “site fee” for the parts, making the process lucrative for them.  And you should be aware that these researchers normally want healthy parts, not parts from diseased or deformed fetuses. What kinds of fees do the providers receive from the researchers? $999 for a brain,  $325 for a spinal cord, and  $350 for bone marrow just for starters. A healthy, intact fetus could easily fetch more than $4,000 in fees for all its parts — and that’s beyond the fees for the procedure itself, the anesthesia, and related medical care. (For more information on this gruesome industry, please click here).

But, of course, these kinds of facts aren’t presented to the women. Nor are they told that they will suffer the effects of guilt and grief for many years afterwards. Nor are they told that having an abortion increases their risk of breast cancer or that the abortion will decrease future fertility. Nor are they told they have a highly increased risk of psychological issues stemming from the ordeal. No, the providers primary goal is to sugar coat it as much as possible in order to profit from the fetus, with the secondary goal of giving as much medical after-care as necessary to prevent lawsuits.

And I know I will get some backlash for these comments, but the truth is the truth no matter how brutal it is. Abortion is not a good thing; it only serves to feed selfish thinking and the money monster. It deprives the global population of the gift of intelligence and brilliance lost when these unborns are eliminated. And the world will never know how much better it could have been, if only these ones were allowed to live.

Come, Lord Jesus.


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