Conversations With God

You tell God you want to be used in His service.

GOD SAYS: “Really? Okay fine. But this is what I will require of you”… and then He lets you know what He WILL require of you.
YOU SAY: (after much soul-searching and consideration) “Okay God — I am willing to do these things, but I admit I need to rely on Your support to accomplish them.”
GOD SAYS:“Deal! Let’s get it done!”

Ahhh… if only it were that easy.

INSTEAD…. we decide for God what we want to do. Most of the time, this is how it really happens:

HUMAN SAYS: Okay God, I am ready to be used in your service.
GOD SAYS: Really? Okay fine. But this is what I will require of you”… and then He lets you know what He WILL require of you.
HUMAN SAYS: But I don’t want to travel so far away. Can’t I do it closer to home?
GOD SAYS: Closer to home?
HUMAN SAYS: Yeah. Air travel is too much of a nuisance. Too many crowds, too many check-points, too much “stuff” to deal with. Then there’s the foreign countries, foreign languages, foreign laws….will I have to use air travel?
GOD SAYS: Well….I guess I can use you “domestically”.
HUMAN SAYS: Does that still require air travel? There’s still the nuisance of the crowds and check-points and stuff. Oh -and I don’t want long distance bus or train either — it’s too many hours of long travel without doing anything productive. Is there anything else active I can do?
GOD SAYS: “Anything else? Hmmm… I could use a local worker in your province. How about that?”
HUMAN SAYS: “Does that require a car? You know my car is old, and I’m not sure it can take that much travel.”
GOD SAYS: “Hmmm… okay, how about your local community?”
GOD SAYS: Well, there is the homeless shelter…..
HUMAN SAYS:  But homeless people are scary — aren’t most of them criminals, or addicts, or crazy or something? No, I don’t like that.
GOD SAYS: How about the AIDS outreach program?
HUMAN SAYS: People with AIDS are either homosexual or addicts, don’t they deserve the disease? No, I don’t like that one either.
GOD SAYS: Sigh. Okay then, what about the free food place?
HUMAN SAYS: I don’t like to cook. And isn’t it messy slinging slop all day long? No. I don’t think I want that.
GOD SAYS: Okay….so what would you like to do?
HUMAN SAYS: I don’t know, whatever you think I’d be good at.
GOD SAYS: I can make you good at anything.
HUMAN SAYS: You know what I mean! Okay, I’m really good with my hands, what can I do with that?
GOD SAYS: There’s that little church over on Elm Street that needs to install a new wheelchair ramp. You can volunteer to help them.
HUMAN SAYS: But they aren’t even my denomination! Isn’t there something else I can do?
GOD SAYS: They need a repairman at the unwed mother’s shelter across town. You could donate your services there.
HUMAN SAYS: Unwed mothers? I don’t want to tell people I work around a bunch of loose women! What’ll people think?!
GOD SAYS: Well, what about volunteering at the hospital? They could use you for….
HUMAN SAYS:  Stop right there — I hate hospitals, they make me uncomfortable!
GOD SAYS: I thought you said you wanted to be used in my service?
GOD SAYS: You don’t sound like you do.
HUMAN SAYS: Well, if you’d just give me something I’d like….
HUMAN SAYS: God?…. God?…. where’d you go? Was it something I said?….

Too many times we tell God we want to be employed in His service, and then have “reasons” (i.e. EXCUSES) as to why the work isn’t suitable for us. But we need to remember, GOD will make you suitable for the work if you simply accept the assignment. When God told Noah to build the Ark, Noah didn’t complain about the monumental task, instead he trusted that God would enable him to complete it. When God sent Moses to Pharaoh, Moses was unsure of his ability to speak, but God also took care of that.

When we ask to be used in God’s service, God isn’t going to give you a job that you can’t fulfill — He’ll give you whatever you need to fulfill it. And don’t reject an “assignment” because it’s inconvenient, or too long, or too hard, etc. Remember, Jesus’ assignment was rather inconvenient, long, and hard as well. (And if He has rejected it on those grounds, where would we be now??!!).

Nobody ever said that working in God’s service would be a cake-walk, so when you ask Him to use you, you need to be prepared to commit to a task that has challenges as well as the rewards. And, nine times out of then, you’ll find that you actually like the assignment a whole lot more than you thought you would.

Just something to think about.


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