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The Lord Provides

April 7, 2013

From time to time, the topic of the “Mark of the Beast” comes up in conversation.

According to Revelation chapter 13, the Satanic Beast will enforce his “mark” on everyone; all who do not accept this “mark” will be unable to buy or sell goods. (Revelation 13:17).

In other words, when this happens you will have a black-and-white choice:

  • Take the Satanic mark in order to be able to feed, clothe, and shelter your family.
  • Resist the mark, and rely on the Lord to feed, clothe, and shelter your family

If you take the mark, you are essentially looking to Satan to provide your physical needs.
If you resist the mark, you are looking to the Lord to provide your physical needs.

This will be a scary moment for all Christians.

The Satanic mark, and the results, are tangible: You will have the means to get what you need, and you can clearly see how, where, and when those needs can be met.

Relying on the Lord, however, doesn’t seem to be so clear-cut: You have no way of seeing how, where, or when your necessary provisions will come. There is nobody giving you a “game plan” for your family. You will be simply taking it day by day, or maybe even hour by hour.

Most people will accept the mark because they want a sense of security and tangibility in caring for their families.

These are the people who either don’t read their Bibles, or don’t trust in the Lord. The Bible is chock full of examples of how the Lord provides for our needs, even in the most unexpected of ways:

When the Israelites were wandering the wilderness for forty years, the Lord provided them with daily food: Manna
(Exodus 16:1-12 ).

When the Israelites ran out of water, the Lord provided that for them as well.
(Exodus 17:1-6 )

During a time of long drought, the Lord provided for the prophet Elijah by sending  him food by the use of ravens, and settling him by a source of water.
(1 Kings 17:1-6)

During this drought, he Lord miraculously provided for a poor widow who had run out of  food for herself and her young son.
(1 Kings  17: 7-16)

The Lord helped another poor widow who ran out of money to provide for her family by miraculously providing enough oil for her to sell.
(2 Kings 4:1-7)

Jesus Christ miraculously provided food for over 5,000 people with only two fish and five bread loaves.
(Matthew 14:14-21)

In fact, Jesus performed this miracle a second time, with over 4,000 people with a few fish and seven loaves.
(Matthew 15:32-38)

On yet another occasion, when the overnight fishermen caught nothing, Jesus miraculously gave them an overwhelmingly large netting of fish.
(Luke 5:4-9)

Clearly, the Lord can provide for your family’s needs on a moment’s notice. We don’t need to rely on the tangible things, especially  those which originate from Satan’s dominion. The Lord sees, and all you have to do is simply trust that He will provide, and He will. Strengthen your faith. Resist Satan’s world. Don’t let the things you can see with your eyes seduce you away from the Lord. Satan is a master trickster, and once he sucks you in, it will be impossible to get back out of it.

Come, Lord Jesus.


Interesting Viewpoint on the Mark of the Beast

March 15, 2013

So I’m perusing through my Google+ posts and come across this very interesting video shared by one of my subscribers. Although I’m not sure yet how I personally feel about the whole thing, I must admit they have some very interesting p0ints. Take a look and see what you think:

Mark Of The Beast


October 30, 2010

It’s that time of year again already!

Little kiddies dressed up like vampires and witches, older kids toilet-papering trees and soaping windows.

Yeah, some of the kids dress up as nice things such as princesses and superheroes, but that doesn’t negate the main purpose of the night: To celebrate death, horror, evil and terror.  It’s true, evidenced by the plethora of Halloween decorations that include skeletons, monster faces and fake grave yards; and evidenced by the increased level of pranks such as smashing pumpkins, getting drunk in local cemeteries, and a general feeling of doing things you really don’t want to get caught doing.

Not to sound so critical, but I ‘m sure Satan just loves this celebration of evil!

And it is the lure of infinite candy, and illicit “fun” that draws the sinning side of humanity into the celebration. It’s a night when people are willing to “dance with the devil” to some degree.

And that’s when we really need to shine the light of Jesus on the situation. There’s enough scary and evil stuff going on in the world — why would there be cause to celebrate it?!

For those of us who aren’t so festive about Halloween, I thought I’d jot a few ideas on how to use this night as an opportunity to promote JESUS instead!

1. Although it’s too late for this year, you may want to consider buying a bulk amount of Christian children’s tracts that you can include with the candy next year. Simply put the tracts and candy in individual snack-sized baggies and hand them out. You can search online for places you can order children’s tracts from.

2. It’s not too late this year to print up little invitations to a local church event to include with the candy. You can invite them to your church’s youth program, an upcoming family church social, or whatever your church does that is appealing to kids.

3. Include little Christian themed stickers, or plastic crosses, or some other Christian “thingy” along with the candy.

4. Carve Christian symbols into your pumpkins instead of a scary face.

You might even come up with your own ideas, depending upon your resources. The point is, add something Christian that will appeal to the kids that will get them interested. Punch some holes of light into the night that celebrates the dark.

May God bless your efforts!

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